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Winter of Content

This is been quite the winter of reinvention for me this year. After blogging for nearly 2 years straight I took a bit of a vacation. Quite a bit of a vacation! Thanks for the 2 months off friends. It was helpful.

I read more, worked on some photography projects, started working on a brand-new website, and I’ve spent more time with my lovely daughter. Shes almost 2.5 years old now and a total crack up.

When I make a new website, which isn’t something that happens all the time, I have to look at my whole body work with new eyes. That’s really difficult for me. I have predisposed ideas as to what I “should” do. Turns out my initial “shoulds” are almost always wrong.  When I look again I find new themes, new ideas, and a new perspective. This time around I can see how much joy, authenticity, and fearlessness run through my work. I’ve been pulling images that speak to these themes.

Instead of worrying about showing images that I assume are expected at a wedding or a portrait session, I’ve started using ones that give me joy, give me fun, and make me want to do more.

Stay tuned for the debut of my new site in the next few weeks. I’m hoping you enjoy it as much as I do!