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What You Need to Know About Having a Small Wedding

What You Need to Know About Having a Small Wedding

Most couples have a pretty good idea of what they want their wedding size to be long before they ever start planning. Some want to throw a party to end all parties, the kind of over the top event their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and old college roommates will talk about for years to come. Others are hoping for something a bit more toned down, while acknowledging that it is difficult to trim that invite list.

And others still want a small wedding. A gathering of just their closest friends and family, coming together to celebrate their union.

Planning a small wedding can seem at the outset like it might be so much easier, and in a lot of ways, it is; there is just less to manage with a reduced invite list. But there are still several things to keep in mind if small and intimate is your idea of a dream wedding.

People WILL Get Their Feelings Hurt

It’s inevitable. People are going to hear you’re getting married and automatically expect their Save the Date to show up in the mail. When it doesn’t come, someone is bound to feel snubbed. For the record, this is not really your problem—you shouldn’t be expected to cater your wedding to anyone but your own personal tastes and desires. But still, it can be awkward when a co-worker brings up your wedding and asks when the invite will be coming. So try to head off those situations by letting people know you’re planning a small ceremony whenever it comes up in conversation. People are less likely to be miffed if they realize from the beginning that you aren’t throwing a big shindig.

You’ll Still Find Plenty to Spend Money On

Even with the smaller party size, you’ll find wedding costs still add up. Plenty of vendors charge the same, whether you have 100 guests or 20, and the venue is likely to run in the same range as well. Yes, you will save money on catering and booze—but unless you’re heading to the courthouse, don’t expect your smaller wedding to be cheap. If anything, going smaller on guest size means you can go a little bigger in other areas!

It Will Be Harder to Sneak Away

At bigger weddings, the bride and groom can often find moments to sneak away and get a breath together. Even if people wonder where you are, they just assume you’re visiting with other guests in some unseen corner. At a smaller wedding, those opportunities to sneak away are fewer and farer between, mostly because everyone already has eyes on you.

You’ll Forever Remember Those Who Were There

That’s part of the allure of a small wedding too, though. Your guests will all have the chance to actually visit with you, and you with them. A more intimate ceremony and reception means being able to focus in on the people you love most; the people you’ll still be glad were there 20 years from now and beyond.

Your Pictures Will Highlight That Love

And of course, the pictures will capture that as well. The intimacy of your gathering, the love between those who are there, the connections so strong that you couldn’t possibly imagine getting married without them; the pictures from a smaller wedding are sure to capture some of your closest relationships at the happiest point in your life.

More and more, destination weddings are becoming the go-to for brides and grooms hoping for a smaller event, because with a smaller and more intimate group, why not jet off somewhere exotic! But even when you are going small on your home turf, there is so much to love about a close gathering of friends and family on your big day. If small is what your heart is set on, then it’s exactly what you should have!