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His and Her Wedding Checklists: Part One

As you prepare for your wedding day, you’re undoubtedly checking boxes and doing your part to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. But sometimes, the division of duties can seem a bit daunting—who does what, and how do you make sure everything gets done?

Well, obviously there is some communication required: You have to talk to your spouse-to-be as you work to figure out the execution of your big day. But I also thought it might be fun to help out a little, by running a His and Hers wedding checklist series!

This week, it’s His: I’m talking to you grooms who need some guidance in what’s all on your shoulders leading up to the big day. But don’t think you’re off the hook, ladies: Hers is coming next week!


Let’s be honest; most brides have their hands in at least 80 percent of the wedding planning. Somehow it just seems to work out that way many times, while plenty of grooms get their hands dirty, many are content to be told simply where to show up and when.

Who knows, maybe you’re one of those more involved grooms who actually cares about the wedding planning. But even if you’re not, there are still a few key things that are on you to take care of:

  • The Suit: You need to pick one out, preferably in line with the color theme that’s been selected for the big day. Then you need to rent it, or buy it and bring it to the tailor. Then remember to pick it up from the tailor. And don’t forget socks. New underwear wouldn’t hurt either.
  • Clean Yourself Up: Shave, get a haircut, shower… whatever you normally do to look your best, do it in the days leading up to your wedding.
  • Write Your Vows: Your bride probably has a few special things to say to you on your big day. Make sure you can match her in those explanations of your love!
  • Run Damage Control: Be available for anything that might come up that you can help with, and perhaps most importantly—work to ensure your bride to be doesn’t get too stressed out in the planning. Massages and nice dinners can help!


Plenty of couples are eschewing the same old tired traditions these days, but if you’re at all interested in sticking to the tried and true, these are the traditions that typically fall on the groom:

  • Proposing: Though hopefully that’s already been taken care of!
  • Kissing the Bride: You can handle that, right?
  • The Groom’s Cake: These are typically a bit less stuffy than your ornate wedding cake.
  • The Garter: Plan on taking it off with your teeth and tossing it to your groomsmen.

 Special Touches

Now, with the basics covered and your big day approaching, there are also special touches to consider—ways you can surprise your bride on your wedding day, or just things you can do to make it all the more special for you both. Some ideas might include:

  • Writing your bride a love letter, to be delivered as you’re both getting ready on your big day.
  • Arranging a special guest. Maybe your bride’s best friend couldn’t afford to make it, or her favorite uncle was afraid of flying. Find a way to get that special person there, and keep the secret until the big event. Your bride will talk about that surprise for years to come!
  • Put on a show. Maybe you have a special talent—you’re a phenomenal singer or a skilled artist. Or perhaps you have two left feet, but you wanted to surprise your bride by taking dance lessons. Whatever the case may be, give her the gift of showing off what you’ve got—with a performance or presentation meant especially for her.

Finally.  For those of you it applies to.  Please don’t overdo the drinks with the guys the night before.  You WILL regret it.