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Torrey Pines Beach Engagement Shoot at Sunset – Stacy & Jeff

Engagement Sessions… why should you do them?

Time and again, I am told, “oh… my friend/mom/cousin took some photos for us – we don’t need a session.”  I always nod and say yes, I understand.  But what I really want to ask is did you get images from that session that you LOVE?  Was the relationship between you as a couple captured?  How about your personalities?  I want to talk about having images of the two of them to pass down to their kids… to their grandkids.

These images are so much more than just a few snapshots.  Over the years people have so few professional images taken of themselves and the ones they do get are from landmark moments in their lives.  This means that capturing who you are at this moment in your life is a really big deal.  And I want you to have images you love and cherish, not just ones you never print out and that eventually die on a hard drive.

Stacy and Jeff came to me wanting to capture their relationship at this special time in their lives.  They are both in the Navy and are separated often.  These are images they could keep with them during their travels to remind them of each other and their love.

They felt a little self-conscious in front of the camera which is totally normal.  We would all be models if we had no trouble being photographed right?  But they did really well just rolling with the session and I think even their little bit of nervous energy translated into some really sweet looks.