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Todd and Amanda Get Married in Temecula

Todd and Amanda Get Married in Temecula

Amanda was quite literally the girl next door. In what can only be described as serendipity, she and Todd both found themselves living as neighbors after making some pretty big life changes—he moved to Cardiff from Boston and she from Temecula. Their first meeting was a standard “Hey, I’m your neighbor” introduction on Halloween, one that turned into them hanging out together for most of the day. But even though there was an instantaneous connection, Amanda didn’t want to mess with dating a neighbor. So, she insisted they remain just friends. That is, until about 6 months later, when they both realized they were spending every single day together and should probably just admit, to themselves and everyone else, that they were dating.

When Todd proposed, it was in Philadelphia just before Christmas—they were there to visit his family. He had arranged for a suite overlooking the Ben Franklin Bridge, a favorite spot of Amanda’s that he had affectionately begun referring to as “her bridge” the first time they visited.

Amanda is pretty sure she said “yes” before he even finished asking.

There was only about 9 months between the proposal and their wedding—a fall ceremony. Amanda describes herself as one of those people who just has to get right to work when she knows something needs to be done; they had their venue booked within just a few short weeks.

When I asked if there were any “must-haves” for their big day, Amanda told me:

“My most important one was honestly having a great photographer. (I swear I’m not just making this up for your sake!) I remember telling Todd just a few days after getting engaged that my biggest priority was getting the right photographer and as much as I was going to be a cheap ass on every other part of the wedding, it was the one part that I was going to refuse to skimp on. The pictures are so important to me because they’re all that we really have after the day is over and we’re so happy that we chose you because you captured our day in the most amazing way. Our pictures are so much better than either of us had anticipated!”

(Not to toot my horn or anything!)

For Todd, it was all about finding the right DJ to make sure the reception was fun and people continued dancing all night. He wanted to hear the old school rap that he and his friends grew up listening to, as well as some more current fun party songs that would keep the energy up. They also found great success there, and Amanda tells me people are still talking about the music.

Todd had a few standout moments from the day that he says he’ll never forget. “The first look floored me.” He said. “I talk a lot (and loudly) and am rarely, if ever, left speechless. However, when I turned around and saw Amanda, I was in complete awe. She looked so beautiful, I couldn’t even get a word out. It was truly amazing.”

He also mentioned a friend of theirs getting a slight tear in his pants while dancing, that turned into him spending the remainder of the night pants-less; just a man in his boxers, still rocking a dress shirt and tie.

For Amanda, it was their two families stumbling upon the suite that was originally intended for the after-party, shortly after finishing up family photos. They went to quick work on the booze there, laughing, drinking, and getting to know each other—tequila shots at 3 in the afternoon. It was one of those unexpected moments nobody actually planned, but that Amanda absolutely loved.

Both Amanda and Todd mentioned sneaking off together during the reception, heading to the ceremony site, where they were able to get a breather, reconnect, and watch their guests enjoying themselves.

The two will be heading to Bora Bora for their honeymoon in December, and couldn’t possibly be happier to be starting their lives together as Husband and Wife.