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To Ink or Not to Ink: The Rise of the Wedding Tattoo

To Ink or Not to Ink: The Rise of the Wedding Tattoo

One of the rising trends in weddings I’ve noticed over the last few years is tattoos to symbolize commitment. Plenty of couples are doing it these days—in fact, Today just had a story on it last month.

Obviously, most couples are still sticking to traditional wedding bands, but more and more are opting for inked bands instead, or even in addition to those traditional pieces of jewelry.

A popular tattoo in wedding circles has become that of the infinity symbol, often customized to meet a couple’s personal tastes and wrapped around or atop the ring finger. I’ve also seen quite a few who have worked initials into a matching design, or who have simply stuck to hearts or other symbols of love.

But what might encourage a couple to go this route?

Well, it’s no secret that tattoos in general are becoming more mainstream these days. In fact, you might be hard pressed to find a millennial that hasn’t been inked. So that alone has probably contributed to the rise of wedding ink. But it’s more than just that. Plenty of people have jobs that don’t allow them to wear jewelry, for instance, and a tattooed wedding band gives them the opportunity to display their commitment despite that fact. For others, it may be a matter of just not liking jewelry, or not wanting to spend the money it can cost to secure wedding bands. And for plenty of couples, it just comes down to liking tattoos.

It isn’t just inked weddings bands that are used to symbolize commitment for couples heading to the tattoo parlor at the same time as their “I do’s.” Some couples are skipping the ring finger for that ink, and instead having bigger pieces done; usually matching or connected tattoos that have been designed with their love and interests in mind.

Of course, the obvious thing to consider is that tattoos are forever. Or at the very least, they aren’t cheap or easy to remove. In fact, it is often much easier to end a marriage legally than it would be to hide the evidence of a tattooed commitment. But I think for some couples, that’s part of the point—a tattoo really is harder to walk away from. It signifies, at least for some, an even bigger commitment than that piece of paper might ever mean.

Realistically, wedding tattoos won’t be for everyone; and that’s okay. It’s all about honoring your relationship and your personal tastes. But if you do find yourself contemplating some ink as the big day approaches, get together with your partner and discuss options. Then, if you don’t already have a tattoo artist you are comfortable with and trust, ask for recommendations from your friends and make an appointment to discuss design. Plan on giving good tattoo artists at least a couple of weeks, both to work on your proposed design and to find a place in their schedule for you. Because that’s the other thing to keep in mind—your wedding tattoos will likely have to happen after the big day. It would be rare to find a tattoo artist who is licensed and set up to come do your artwork at your ceremony for you. Which is probably for the best; tattoos require care after they are inked, and you’re going to want to spend your honeymoon focused on just about everything else.

But if a wedding tattoo is your goal, you’ll certainly find yourself in good company, with a growing number of couples taking the same plunge every day!