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Having a 2 year old, I’ve come to understand just how fleeting these moments are with our little ones. Some days I swear she wakes up a completely different kid! I try to take s ton of photos of her, but you know, the iPhone is only so good. I also want to be represented in her life’s history – that means I have to be in some of these photos too!

Who here is guilty of not showing up in your kids’ photos? Let’s fix that this year!

Family / Portrait Sessions Pricing

-Pricing for Creative Sessions (artists time) range from $250 – $950
-The Minimum Purchase for the session ranges from $500 – $800
-Your minimum purchase may be used for products such as digital files, fine art prints, or to put towards an album purchase, etc..

CA Sales tax & shipping may apply

Viewing & Ordering of your images will take place online at a mutually agreed upon date & time. Our most popular option includes a full set of digital files for you to keep and make prints from.  Gorgeous Albums, Wall Prints and Gifts for family are also available.



Photojournalism and Your Family

Photography is an art form, and just like all forms of art—there are a lot of different styles embraced by the various photographers you might come into contact with. I’m not just talking about the obvious differences, like wildlife vs. fashion photography; I’m talking about actual styles. About a way of looking through a lens and framing a shot that has everything to do with a photographer’s view of their own craft. And even within the world of family photographers, styles can vary wildly.

Finding a photographer whose style lines up with your vision is crucial to getting those images you will truly cherish for a long time to come….

I’d like to think I could be that photographer for you and your family. But first, you have to know what my style is all about.

I consider myself a journalistic/lifestyle photographer. What that means is, you won’t catch me wrapping babies in gauze or dictating outrageous poses. I won’t be scouring Pinterest for the latest trends, or bringing along a bunch of props for your family or newborn shoot. I’m not interested in crafting a heavily themed photo shoot and forcing you to play along. That’s not what photojournalism is all about.

That’s not what I’m all about.

Instead, journalistic photography is about capturing those in-the-moment images that speak to who you and your family are. They are the pictures that open a window to your real life and relationships. When I’m looking into my camera, I’m trying to catch you in a moment of genuine laughter. I’m looking for those seconds of eye contact that speak 1,000 words. For the love, light, and laughter that is true to life.

True to you.jenderyContactjenderyABOUT

Sure, Pinterest is full of family photo ideas that have you scaling trees or color coordinating every last detail of your outfits. But it’s my belief that those forced poses (and even more so, the forced smiles) don’t ultimately lead to images you’ll look back on years from now and still love. Because let’s be honest; do those images really speak to who you and your family are? Or are they reflective, instead, of an industry that has started veering towards airbrushing people into perfection?

Like I said, photography is an art form, and everyone has their own preferences when it comes to art. But I like the idea of differentiating from the masses. I like to take families to the places that already mean the world to them, and to then set them loose to live and love and laugh as I do the work of catching them in those moments. It’s not about contrived scenes and overly planned flashes of time—it’s about taking the pictures that will still make you smile 20 years from now, because you’ll remember the moment. You’ll remember the laughter and the love. And you’ll look at those pictures and think, “That was so us.”

Because that is what family photojournalism is all about. Capturing the heart of who you are as a family, and telling your story with those pictures.

I’d love to invite you to join me on that adventure.