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When It Rains on Your Wedding Parade

When It Rains on Your Wedding Parade

Here in San Diego, we are blessed with predictable weather. Sunny and 70° is what most days promise – leading many a bride to feel safe in planning the gorgeous outdoor wedding of her dreams. Still, every once in a while a random rainy day pops up on the forecast and inevitably, even the most laid-back of brides begins to panic.

I’m going to let all you brides in on a secret though: a little rain can be just the thing to create lasting memories around your big day, as well as photos that will bring a smile to your face for a lifetime.

We have all heard the superstitious notion of a rainy wedding day being good luck for your marriage, but when a bride fears her visions of a perfect day could be washed away by the downpour; she often has a difficult time seeing it that way. Protect yourself from the start by inquiring about contingency plans at your venue. Do they offer a tent in the case of rain, or alternative indoor locations? Preparing yourself with knowledge ahead of time will help you to feel more comfortable if the threat of rain presents itself.

You can take that preparation one step further by not only accepting the rain which my come, but also embracing it. One of my favorite sayings is that life isn’t about weathering the storm, but about learning how to dance in the rain. When it comes to a rainy wedding day, nothing could be more applicable. Rather than bemoan the extra hassle, think of ways to incorporate the rain into your big day. If the forecast is looking ominous, head out and buy as many matching umbrellas as you can find. Have fun with it, and get contrasting colors for your wedding party and guests. Scrap the chairs in favor of standing room only, and assign ushers to towel off a few seats up front, providing umbrella duty for your guests who may not be able to stand very long. See if you can’t find some bright plastic ponchos, handing them out to anyone who may be interested. And remember that if it winds up not raining after all, you can return anything you don’t use.
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By that point though, you may find yourself actually hoping for some light showers. Think of all the timeless photos you could capture with those umbrellas, and the romantic image of you and your new husband kissing in the rain. Or consider the fact that overcast weather has a way of improving your complexion in pictures, softening shadows, and reducing the need for squinting and the appearance of wrinkles. What new bride wouldn’t be excited about that? A little precipitation could be just the thing to set your wedding apart, and the images that result would surely promise to be unique and special.

When it rains on you parade, your only option is to figure out how to make that rain work for you. As a photographer, I personally love getting the opportunity to help you do just that. So rather than shed tears over the change in weather, take this chance to start dancing in the rain as husband and wife.

I’ll be there to document the day.