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Pregnancy Announcement Photos San Diego

Pregnancy Announcement Photos

Surprise! You’re pregnant!

Or maybe it wasn’t a surprise. Maybe you were trying for months and finally got that positive pregnancy test you had been hoping for all along. Either way: congratulations! And even if it wasn’t a surprise to you, it will be to those you love who weren’t in the loop that you were trying!

Half the fun of finding out you are pregnant is sharing that happy news with the people who care about you most. For some people, that means waiting until at least the second trimester to spill the beans. For others, this is a secret that can’t be kept that long and they start telling right away. Whichever camp you fall into, though, coming up with a creative way to make that announcement can make this milestone all that much more exciting and fun!

Which is where pregnancy announcement photos come into play. You’ve probably seen them popping up in your newsfeed already. A couple uses their happy news as the perfect excuse for a photo op – and they use that picture to tell everyone they know that they are expecting! It may be as simple as sharing the ultrasound pic, or something a little more involved – but these days, saying “I’m pregnant!” is usually accompanied by a picture.

So why not make that picture one you will cherish and hold onto for years to come? Just think: it could be one of the first to go into your baby book. The first professional shot that technically includes all of you together as a family!

There are so many cute ideas to go with. We’ve all seen the pictures of a mom with a bump and the word “baby” written across her belly, while dad stands next to her with the word “beer” written across his own belly. You could use your pregnancy announcement as the opportunity to also do your gender reveal, employing some variation of pink and blue in the shoot – be it balloons or bubble gum – where only one color remains by the final photo. Some parent’s-to-be have opted for photos with a movie advertisement vibe, announcing the “coming attractions” and displaying the projected date of birth. You could even incorporate other members of the family, allowing older children to don “big brother” or “big sister” apparel. There are also no rules saying your pets can’t join in on the fun!

A little Googling will give you all sorts of ideas, but as a photographer – I’m always up for hearing your own creative spin and helping you to make it work! And while your closest friends and family will probably hear the news directly from you before you have a photo to share, even they will likely appreciate an adorable shot that showcases the new bundle you are now carrying.

We live in a social media age where everything gets shared online. And while pregnancy announcement photos make great profile pics, they don’t have to just remain online – consider printing these up and mailing them out as well, just as you would with a birth announcement. The point is, something like this deserves more than a single line status update. Plus, big celebratory events are always best memorialized with photos – and a happy, healthy pregnancy is definitely something worth celebrating.

So do some brainstorming and then schedule a photo shoot specifically for announcing your pregnancy. Your friends will love seeing you aglow with happiness and receiving your exciting news in a fun and creative way. And one day, when your little one is old enough to be thumbing through his or her own baby book, they will appreciate seeing the cool way you told the world they would be coming.

It’s all about creating those memories, and helping to capture this happy time!