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who is jen?1024px_jenheadshot64

I’m a great storyteller, a pretty decent cook and an intrepid traveler.

I live my life with intention, trying to always surround myself with positive, healthy people and striving to make each day count. I am pretty laid-back and easy going, but I can be very picky about the details when it comes to things I really care about. Like your wedding photos and your family portraits.

I live in lovely South Park, San Diego with my gorgeous husband and toddler.

what do you want?

I’m going to guess that what you don’t want is the same old trendy stuff you see pasted all over the web. No, you want AMAZING photos that are uniquely about you and your own style. I have seen so many styles and trends come and go in the photo world. The style that has staying power, that grabs people by the proverbial balls, are images with real personality and gorgeous lighting. Images with feeling and content never go out of style.

how do you book?

I have a whole page devoted to answering your questions right HERE for weddings or HERE for Family Portraits.