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Marla and Adrien Get Married

Marla and Adrien Get Married

Sometimes, when two people are meant to be together, the Universe conspires to make it so. It could definitely be argued that’s what happened with Marla and Adrien, two software consultants who were repetitively thrust into each others’ lives until… it just stuck.

Both working for the same company, but in different divisions and states, these two eventually found themselves working for the same client – though still separated by geography, with him in Atlanta and her in Miami. They only saw each others’ names on e-mails and heard each others’ voices over conference calls.

That is, until Adrien was called to Miami for a week, tasked with taking over for a partner who was on vacation. And the pair was finally brought face to face. Only… it didn’t really go anywhere. He was instantly attracted, but she blew him off. And with only a week to his stay, they didn’t exactly have a lot of time to get to know each other outside of work anyway.

He went home, and it was another two months of e-mails and conference calls.

But then, Miami beckoned once more, with the client needing all project team members on site. Unbeknownst to each other, Marla and Adrien both began separately planning a weekend getaway to Key West – needing a change of pace from Miami. When a co-worker realized the pair had joint plans, he suggested they go together – and the rest is history from there.

When it came to proposing, Marla was specific about not wanting anything cliché or over the top. She wanted to be surprised, but she didn’t want her name written in the sky or a flash dance to break out in front of her. In fact, when they traveled together to Paris in 2014, she explicitly told him not to propose there – too expected. Not her style.

And perhaps it was her explicit admonishment against it, that made him want to do it. Because surely, proposing where she had warned him not to would be quite the surprise, right?

He waited until they were on the top of Mt. St. Michel, and then he asked her to get his glasses out of the bag so he could take some video. She grabbed them without even looking, confused when he said, “Could you check the case? I think there is something in there…” But she complied, only to gasp upon opening it up. There, in a small pouch, was an engagement ring.

He kneeled down in that moment and asked her to marry him.

Marla now admits it was the perfect proposal. Not cliché at all, and even better – sedated enough so as to not have drawn the attention of any tourists. It was their own, private moment. One that she will forever cherish.

Between the proposal and the wedding, they had about a year to plan. They wanted something classy and elegant, without being stuffy. Marla credits her mom and little sister with a lot of the DIY details when it came to their decorations, and she was elated about the services provided by her wedding coordinator, Julie Scrivener. She considers hiring her to be the biggest component of their other wedding vision; a stress free wedding.

For Marla, her dad’s and older brother’s speeches were among the most memorable moments. Adrien says (with a laugh), that his was simply being the center of attention.

After the “I do’s”, this pair jetted off to Maui and enjoyed 5 days with their toes in the sand there.

Now, it’s just a matter of where the Universe takes them next.

Photos : Jennifer Dery
Flowers : Adorations
DJ : Elite British DJ
Coordinator : Julie Scrivner
Venue : Balboa Park