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Kasey and Brent Get Married

Kasey and Brent Get Married

Ahhh, Facebook. What would we do without it? It’s where we keep up with high school friends, share our latest and greatest news, fight about politics, and… apparently where some of us find true love!

At least, that was the case for Kasey and Brent. It all started with a Facebook friend request. Brent was the sender, and Kasey accepted because they had a lot of mutual friends and she thought he was cute – she didn’t initially remember that she had met him before.

It wasn’t until he posted some new pictures that she began to connect the dots, finally sending him an e-mail asking how they knew each other. He responded by reminding her that one of his friends had dated one of hers in high school, and that they had met briefly back then.

It was enough of a conversation starter to get the pair chatting… and chatting. Facebook messages turned into text messages, and one day Kasey found herself in need of a shopping partner. Brent quickly volunteered. What started out as a friendly shopping trip, turned into a movie date and a playful popcorn fight. Kasey told me she had never been on a first date that went quite like that, and she walked to her door that night, after being dropped off, with a big smile on her face.

The proposal happened while in Cancun. Kasey’s friends had teased her that it was coming, but she was sure Brent was too busy with work, and that any potential proposal would still require some planning on his part. Still, that didn’t stop her from telling him she was going to love him forever that day – having no idea what was to come. He merely asked if she promised, and when she said, “Yes,” he smiled and said, “Good.”

Later that day, in front of friends and family, he got down on one knee and popped the question.

They had 10 months of planning from the proposal to the wedding day – which Kasey says was far too long! She was just ready to be Brent’s wife! When the day finally arrived, her grandmother was one of the first to shed tears as Kasey put on her dress – she recalls it as being one of the most special moments of the day, particularly because of how close she is with her grandmother. She also loved having the first look, which we were able to photograph prior to the ceremony. Her grandparents walked her down the aisle, a very special memory, and a niece’s toast was what sent Kasey over the edge into tears herself.

For Brent, it was a conversation he had with his parents right before the ceremony that really stuck with him. Sadly, Brent’s grandfather passed away about a month after the wedding – but they are both so grateful he was able to be there for this special day, and that we were able to get some great pictures that included him in the festivities.

For the honeymoon? This beautiful couple jetted off to Punta Cana, where they made friends with another couple who shared their wedding date; the bride’s name was also Kacey and the foursome is already planning their next trip together!

So you see? Facebook isn’t just about likes and selfies. Sometimes, it can serve an even greater purpose – bringing together a couple that was clearly meant to spend this life together.

Congratulations, Kasey and Brent! May you have a lifetime of happiness together!