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Getting the Best Pictures Out of Your Kids On Halloween

Trick or treat!

We’re just a few hours away from the event your kids have been looking forward to all month. They’re excited for the candy, you’re excited for the pictures of them all dressed up and ready to go!

But how do you manage to get those pictures before the kids are off and running? And how do you somehow capture the fun of the night, without just posing them in a corner and convincing them to say, “Cheese?”

Don’t worry! I’ve got some tips for you that will make this year’s Halloween pictures the best yet!

Daylight Hours
First and foremost, get your kids into costume early. We’re talking at least an hour before you plan on taking them Trick or Treating, while there is still plenty of daylight to be found. Not only will you get some better pictures with natural lighting, you also have a better chance of maintaining their attention for photographs if they’re not just minutes away from taking off. Plan dinner between getting ready and going out in search of candy. This way, you’ve got a time buffer and can convince the kids to take a few pictures outside as soon as they’re ready.

Document the Process
If your kids are younger, you’re going to

be deeply involved in the entire “getting ready” process. But for families with kids who are a bit older, getting pictures as they get ready can be a lot of fun. Snap a few shots as your kiddos apply their makeup or put the pieces of their costume together. Focus on capturing the excitement building up to the big event, not just the event itself.

Get Them In Character
Instead of forcing your kids to put their arms around each other and smile, convince them to play a little as whatever character they’re dressed up as. Spiderman can go about saving the world, and Lady Gaga can put on a show. Allow them to ham things up a bit now that they’re in costume, and then take pictures of them really enjoying that pretend play. Get some action shots that better depict exactly who they were hoping to be for this one night.


Scope Out the Perfect Setting
Imagine photographing Superman atop a tall building, or your little ladybug flitting around a bunch of flowers. Consider your child’s costume, and try to think about a local spot that would best highlight that costume. Then, because you got your kiddos ready early, plan on heading there for a photo shoot long before the trick-or-treating actually begins.

Get Down to Their Level
So many parents make the mistake of taking all their pictures peering down at their children. This is fine, but try kneeling at their level and snapping a few photos head on every once in a while as well. A little change of perspective might just give you a better angle than you’ve managed to achieve before, and it may even have your kids inviting you in on their play as you snap away.
Lose the Mask
If your child’s costume comes with a mask, make sure to take some photos with it on, but also some with it off. You’ll want to remember your kiddos happy face on this night, and you can’t capture that when a mask is forever covering their smile.

Watch For the Moments
Have your camera ready for when your kiddo comes running down a driveway, elated over their latest loot. Or for when your children decide to hold hands, totally unprompted, as you walk to the next house. It’s these organic moments you’ll appreciate having photos of way more than the posed ones.

Get the Before and After
Don’t forget to take some pictures at the end of the night, when costumes and makeup are disheveled and sugar highs are in full swing. You’ll laugh about the before and afters later!