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Falkner Winery: Emily and AJ Get Married

Falkner Winery: Emily and AJ Get Married in Temecula

What happens when boy meets girl, instantly falls in love, and then has to spend time convincing girl he’s not nearly as annoying as she thinks he is?

Well, they get married, of course!

That is the love story between Emily and AJ. Working at the same hospital, they crossed paths frequently enough. He said it was love at first sight. She said it took her a little longer to warm up to him – and that she actually thought he was annoying at first, because he was always trying to talk to her while she was working!

Ah, young love.

But eventually, AJ did manage to convince Emily that they belonged together. And one early Christmas morning, he attempted to wake her with a ring box that had a light in it – thinking it would be romantic to propose in the dark. Unfortunately, Emily isn’t much of a morning person, and she refused to comply with his plans for romance in the early morning hours. So he sat up, awake, until 11 in the morning when she finally got up. And it was then that he was waiting on bended knee to propose.

She, of course, said “yes”.

One of my favorite things about photographing this couples wedding was their fun and easy-going nature. Their personalities shone through the entire time, despite the fact that it was a freezing 45 degrees out – certainly cold for Southern California. It wasn’t even just the temperature, either, but also the wind and rain that threatened to ruin this otherwise beautiful outdoor wedding. The couple kept their spirits up, though, and everyone was super happy and in great moods – despite the nasty weather.

The location was at Faulkner Winery in Temecula, a spot specifically chosen because of the couple’s shared love of wine. They wanted an intimate gathering, just their closest friends and family, as well as the opportunity to make sure all their guests had fun and felt welcome. A winery was the perfect location to accomplish just that!

Emily told me that one of her favorite memories of the day was getting ready in the bridal suite. She said she felt pampered and loved having that opportunity to prepare in such nice accommodations. AJ cited the first look photos as one of his favorite memories, because he had his two favorite things – wine and Emily! They both gushed about the speeches made by their Maid of Honor and Best Man, which were each absolutely hilarious. And they loved the cocktail hour, specifically because they had gone to great lengths to ensure they would be able to enjoy that alongside their guests – something most brides and grooms are never even able to stop in at.

They celebrated a mini-honeymoon right there in Temecula, but the real thing will have to wait until cold and flu season is over, so that they can each take a few weeks off from work. The plan is to hit up Spain and Portugal, eating great food and drinking more wine as husband and wife!

Their focus for photography was candid shots. They wanted images of their friends and family having fun and celebrating their love. The kind of pictures that will tell a story when they hang them around their house – or that at least will lend to them telling the stories, particularly the ones that end with a laugh.
And isn’t that what great photos are all about? Telling stories, reminding us of memories past, and inviting others into an event they otherwise may not have been around to see.