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Faith and Brandon Get Married

Faith and Brandon Get Married

They say that timing is everything. And if you reflect back on your life, your spouse, or the one who got away – you can probably pinpoint the ways in which timing either aided in or destroyed your relationship.

Because timing is everything.

Thankfully, for Faith and Brandon, timing was on their side. Because the night they met just so happened to be Brandon’s very first night in Washington. A night when he decided to attend a going away party he had been invited to, hoping to make some new friends in this new town he was now going to call home.

And it was there that he locked eyes with Faith.

Timing working to bring this couple together.

When he was ready to propose, Faith says she was clueless. They were out on a Wednesday night, squeezing in a weekday date night because she had to work that weekend. They went to one of their typical restaurants and planned to catch the sunset – one of this couples’ favorite pastimes.

After diner, they headed to their usual sunset spot in Pacific Beach. As they approached, they caught sight of a secluded trail and decided to follow it. They were all alone as they strolled in the dusk.

Or so they thought.

As they watched the sky, he began a game of “How much do I love you?” Faith explained to him how much he loved her in a funny and over the top manner, exemplifying her own supremely loveable qualities as she walked slightly ahead of him. When she finished, he replied with, “I bet I can top that.”

Turning around to meet his eyes, she found him down on one knee.

According to them both, the best part of the whole proposal was a homeless man they hadn’t spotted initially who began clapping as soon as she said, “yes.” He had apparently been there the whole time, playing witness to the entire event.

Needless to say, it was an amazing night. And a pretty spectacular sunset.

Still, this couple wasn’t all about the long engagement. He proposed on September 3rd and they eloped exactly three months later – they were simply ready to be man and wife. In terms of their vision for their wedding, they weren’t set on anything – they just wanted to have a fun and easy night. She recalls riding off in their getaway golf cart as being a highlight.

As their photographer, I can say they pulled off quite the beautiful event with just three months to plan: proof that eloping does not have to mean court houses and pant suits. I loved Faith’s bouquet and the intimacy of a wedding centered around only their closest loved ones.

And what about the honeymoon? Well, they jetted off to Hawaii – looking forward to taking in quite a few more sunsets as a newly married couple.