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Anne and Jared: Moniker Warehouse Wedding

Anne and Jared Get Married

“Hey! I’ve got the perfect guy for you! You just have to meet him!”

How many of us have heard those words before? And how many times has it actually worked out? Let’s face it, most of us have been the victims of a bad setup in the past. A meeting that was so awkward, so wrong, that we wondered if our friends ever even knew us at all.

So can you really blame Anne for being skeptical when two of her friends told her she just had to meet a guy named Hippe? I mean… Hippe? She was picturing a “long-haired weirdo in a tie-dyed shirt and Birkenstocks,” not the love of her life.

But a few months later, she agreed to a happy hour—with plenty of other faces around, so that if it wasn’t a love connection (and of course, she assumed it wouldn’t be) things wouldn’t get too awkward.

Then… Jared (aka “Hippe”) walked in. And immediately, Anne’s knees buckled. This wasn’t a granola-eating tree hugger; this was a tall, handsome stud of a man! Anne immediately jumped up and ran to the bathroom so that she could reapply her lip gloss.

Jared, on the other hand, hadn’t even known this was supposed to be a setup—no one had bothered to tell him! His friend Sean had simply said, “Beers tonight?” and Jared had said, “Yep.”

But when he walked in the door, his eyes were immediately drawn to Anne, “A tremendously attractive lady smiling at him.” Sean laughed hysterical when Jared asked who that was, simply saying, “That’s Jen’s friend. She’s here to meet you.” And the rest is history.

The two talked for a bit that night before Jared asked for her number. He called the very next day, asking her out for a date the following Thursday. And that became their date night from that point forward; the pair had 332 Thursday night dates before their wedding day.

For Anne’s birthday last year, Jared planned a trip to Germany. They were supposed to drive from Munich to Innsbruck to check out the Christmas markets. Or at least, that was the plan Anne had been told.

Instead, after picking up the rental car, Jared suggested they hit up a castle along the way that the rental car lady had mentioned. Anne agreed, and 2 hours later they were touring the place. When they got to where Jared had planned on popping the question, though, they found the bridge locked shut due to weather. Not one to be detoured, Jared got down on one knee anyway—and Anne responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!”

That gave the pair 10 months to plan for a wedding in October—Anne’s favorite month. Their biggest goal for the big day? An awesome party that people would look back on and remember as being a “kick ass time.” They were aiming for an urban wedding with all the traditional elements, highlighting the neighborhood they love. Moniker Warehouse turned out to be the ideal venue for that; a cool, industrial vibe that was a blank palette they could make all their own. On their must-have list? A playlist of 90’s rap, a ridiculous beer selection, gorgeous flowers, and some way to incorporate their “mascot,” Frankenstein.

Highlights of the big day included their adorable twin flower girls, who rode the trolley yelling, “This is the best wedding EVER!” Especially hilarious, because they are 4 and have never been to a wedding before. Both Jared and Anne also recalled seeing each other for the first time on the aisle, being overwhelmed by love and gratitude.

What’s next for this happy couple? Fiji! And a lifetime ahead of more Thursday night dates, of course!