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A Return of Martha Stewart Wedding Style

A Return of Martha Stewart Wedding Style

Back in the early 90’s, Martha Stewart was the wedding guru all young brides were consulting. Her glossy magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, was the mecca for wedding planning, the pages touting all the latest trends for wedding fashion and style. It was those pages that shaped many a nuptial back then, providing the guidelines for everything that was both classic and hip, as well as must-have for a wedding that no one would be able to stop talking about. If you’re picturing lots of floral prints, garden roses and a preppy New England look, you totally remember what I’m talking about.

Then, Stewart was convicted of a slew of charges and spent several months in jail, followed by several more months of home confinement and 2 years of supervised release.

Some believed the Martha Stewart empire was dead. And in a lot of ways, it was. Women began turning to other sources for their wedding inspiration, and all those floral prints and garden roses went with them.

But over the last decade, Martha Stewart has been making a decided comeback. And over the last year, it has been hard to ignore the fact that her name is once again synonymous with wedding style. Not just her glossy magazine either (though Martha Stewart Weddings has featured a lot of prominent weddings in recent months, including that of Sofia Vergara), but her signature 90’s wedding style as well.

That’s right. We’re seeing a lot more of those floral prints, those bright, colorful bouquets, grooms and groomsmen in suspenders, and brides in crop-top dresses.

The 90’s wedding style is back, and Martha Stewart may just be at the helm.

Remember butterfly hair clips? Yeah, those are thing again. And how about temporary tattoo wedding favors? Totally happening. Hip-hop music and hired break-dancers are hitting the dance floor to entertain, and formal portraiture is taking the place of trash the dress sessions.

Of course, this isn’t all due to Martha Stewart—I’m pretty sure she’s not behind the return of those temporary tattoos and break dancers busting a move (though, who knows—maybe she learned a few moves of her own in prison). But these new (returning) trends do speak to how heavily influenced we are by past decades. It would simply seem that the 90’s are making their comeback now when it comes to wedding style; and to home design and fashion runways, for that matter.

Still, let’s not discount the power for Martha. After all, the DIY queen is in her prime amidst the latest pushes for DIY brides (though, I still maintain—don’t make yourself crazy trying to hand craft each and every detail of your big day.) She has made a comeback like no other, and is clearly back at the height of wedding guru-ism. Martha Stewart Weddings is among the top 10 bridal magazines once more, and her suggestions for wedding style certainly don’t go ignored.

So as you plan your wedding this year, perhaps you want to take a few tips from Martha and customize your wedding to a version of the past that seems to be making a comeback almost as incredible as Martha’s herself. The 90’s are apparently where it’s at when it comes to wedding style as we enter 2016. And I, for one, am looking forward to all those big florals and even to the crop top dresses.

Because, hey—there’s just something fun about revisiting past styles as we move into the future. Right now, the 90’s may have the attention of the wedding industry for good reason. And not just because Martha says so.