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Knocked Up: Wedding Planning Tips for the Pregnant Bride to Be

It wasn’t all that long ago that being pregnant on your wedding day was considered a big taboo; almost as taboo as giving birth without being married. The whole point of a shotgun wedding was to get a bride down that aisle before she started showing, but it’s not like anyone in the know was ever exactly proud of that fact.

The good news is, today, most people just don’t care. And pregnancy isn’t considered a reason to get married, anymore than it’s considered something to be ashamed of on the big day.

As a matter of fact, I was a pregnant bride myself!

My husband and I eloped abroad, just the two of us, and it was pretty much the perfect wedding as far as I was concerned. But I know for a lot of pregnant brides, that growing bump can throw a wrench into your plans. Whether the pregnancy occurred while you were in the midst of planning, or came before you said, “Yes” to him down on one knee, it can still threaten to get in the way of your perfect vision.

If you let it.

Don’t ever for one second think that being pregnant means you don’t deserve your perfect day, though. Some brides will want to put the wedding planning on hold, opting to wait until after the baby is born to say, “I do.” And if it’s important to you to be able to drink on your wedding day, or to be able to rock a dress that doesn’t make accommodations for your bump; that’s absolutely an option!

But for those who still want to get this show on the road, here are some tips for planning your perfect wedding day; baby bump and all.

  • Be Realistic About the Timing: If you weren’t planning on being pregnant for your wedding, an unexpected surprise could potentially move your timeline up. After all, you don’t want the threat of an impending due date to ruin the day completely (can you imagine your water breaking as you walk down the aisle?) And ideally, you’d like to be comfortable enough to be able to dance and be on your feet a good portion of the day. Which means your wedding should probably take place at least 2 to 3 months prior to your due date. And while a rush wedding can absolutely be done, you need to be realistic about what can be accomplished in the timeline you’ve got—especially if you already had plans set in stone that will now need to be changed.
  • Find a Dress You Love: Being pregnant does not mean having to walk down the aisle in a potato sack. There are entire lines dedicated to pregnant brides these days, and some truly gorgeous options for saying, “I do,” even with a growing bump. No matter what stage of pregnancy you’ll be in when the big day arrives, you deserve to feel beautiful—so find a dress that allows you to do just that! Empire waists are great for hiding your bump, and then there are also styles that can hug that bump and put it on full display!
  • Size Up With The Dress: Assume you’re going to be growing into it before the big day arrives, and remember that it’s always easier to alter a dress down than it is to find a way to squeeze into it.
  • Go For the Comfortable Shoes: This is a valuable piece of advice for any bride (really, no one is looking at your shoes anyway), but it’s especially true for the pregnant bride. Be good to your feet on this day: You’re going to be on them an awful lot, and considering pregnancy already has you more uncomfortable than usual… gift yourself this one kindness.
  • Stock the Bar: Everyone else at your wedding is going to be drinking. That’s just a fact. But make sure the bar is set up to prepare some delicious mocktails for you. Because while you may not be drinking booze, you still deserve to be in on the party!
  • Eat: Again, this is an important thing for all brides to remember. But on a big day like your wedding, it’s easy to forget to eat (or to get so caught up in everything that needs to be done and everyone you want to visit with, that you simply don’t feel as though you have the time.) Remember, though, that you’re growing a little person, and that doing so can make you more prone to nausea, fainting, and simply feeling out of it if you don’t eat. So take care of yourself and your baby, and make sure you have the nourishment you need to keep your energy levels up throughout the day!

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